Areas of Interest

  • Services First Design
    With the rise of microservices, it is becoming more important than ever to design services first. This increases consistency (of authentication, terminology etc) and maximises re-use of services.
  • Software as a Service
    I’ve been designing and creating business process Software as a Service for over 20 years.
  • Business Process Improvement
    Software that supports the automation of business processes can greatly benefit from the development of well-designed microservices. Well-designed services support faster delivery, changes in business process flexibility and re-use of code.

I have worked in software development as a Team Leader, Architect, Developer and Business Analyst both in-house for large corporates and as a freelancer for over 20 years.

I develop software in .NET Core 3.1(C#) and MS SQL, APIs and Angular for websites and mobile apps. Methodologies followed include UML and SCRUM.

Jan Fischer, CSoft Consulting